About Us

Our Story

Our story begins with the amazement for mushrooms and all of their powerful therapeutic properties. As part of the mushroom cultivation community since the beginning, and having a science background, we want to build upon that knowledge and techniques to bring innovation to mycology.

We pooled our resources and knowledge to create a mushroom equipment company that would help others achieve success in growing mushrooms. We started small, but our reputation for quality products and expert advice quickly spread. We now have a dedicated superstar team of 10, and our products are used by mushroom growers all over the country.

Our Mission

To make the highest quality products and innovative solutions for the mushroom growing community that is easy to use. Our team is made up of PhDs who have over 20 years of experience in mycology. 

We are constantly researching and developing new ways to make mushroom cultivation more efficient and sustainable. Our passion for mushrooms drives us to provide the best equipment and support for growers of all levels.

Our Promise:

We want to make growing mushrooms sustainably at home easy and accessible to everyone! We hope to do so by making reliable cultivation equipment and instruction videos. 

If you won't give up, we won't either. We guarantee the highest level of customer service and satisfaction. Live support to get your mushrooms fruiting, every step of the way. Just give us a holler.




We are proud to be a part of the growing mushroom community and look forward to helping even more people experience the joys of mushroom cultivation."