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Bella Bora Still Air Box - Small

Bella Bora Still Air Box - Small

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  • Premium product starts with premium materials – The Bella Bora Still Air Box is top-of-the-line product made from quality materials. Thick and durable black PVC piping frame is designed to go the extra mile with you. Scratch-resistant and waterproof fabric is bleach-safe for cleaning. Clear plastic for great visibility. Lightweight materials make setting up, breaking down, and storage quick and easy.
  • Convenient - converts any surface into a sterile lab space in just minutes! Perfect for working with agar petri dishes, preparing spore syringes, liquid culture, sterilizing tools, making spore prints, and inoculating sterilized grain. Protects against airborne contaminants.
  • Quick access side doors – Designed to be intuitive. High-quality zippers may be used to open or close the two side doors, and the huge openings make it easy to load large equipment and clean between uses.
  • Form-fitting Arm Ports - One-size-fits-all elastic arm holes are made from three layers of durable, elastic fabric that forms a tight seal. This maximizes comfort and hygiene by allowing users to select their own disposable gloves between each usage.
  • Space-Saving Design - The Bella Bora Still Air Box is designed to collapse into a compact carry bag that makes it perfect for home scientists or mushroom hobbyist who are limited in space.
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  • Bella Bora Still Air Box used for spore prints, agar culture, liquid culture, inoculate grain spawn, spawn to bulk, fruiting chamber

  • Bella Bora Still Air Box superior design elastic arm ports double side doors collapsible design

  • Bella Bora Still Air Box Exosphere armholes durable oxford fabric formfitting elastic cuffs three-layered protection

  • Specs

    • Volume: 359 qt

    • Dimensions: 3 x 2 x 2ft

    • Diagonal Dimension: 3.6ft

    • Packed Dimensions: 1.5 x 0.75 x 0.75ft

    • Weight: 6lbs

  • Atmospheric Shield

    The Bella Bora Still Air Box creates an enclosed space that blocks against the turbulent air around you.

    • Protects your nutrient-rich substrates from airborne contaminants.

    • Inoculate with peace-of-mind.

    • Grow healthy mushrooms with confidence.

  • Exosphere Armholes

    A three-layered cover design creates a true still air environment. Patent pending.

    • Elastic cuffs contour to your arm and closes the opening when not in use.

    • Full range of motion.

    • Freedom to chose your perfect-fitting gloves for maximum precision

  • Designed with You in Mind

    • 3 times larger than traditional SABs. Comfortably organize your work space.

    • Double side doors with wide zipper openings. Conveniently load your mushroom supplies in and out of the box.

    • Sturdy and collapsible frame. Takes 5 minutes to pack into a carrying case for convenient transport and saves space.