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Bella Bora Still Air Box - Big

Bella Bora Still Air Box - Big

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Take home the Bella Bora Still Air Box today and experience what it feels like to use a product designed just for you. We take pride in offering home mushroom cultivators a professional lab space to explore the fascinating world of mycology. From growing your own mushrooms for the first time, to isolating rare genetic strains. 

Perform sterile teks (techniques) such as isolating pure genetics on agar plates, or inoculating your sterilized grain bag with liquid culture or a spore syringe without worrying about contamination!


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  • Bella Bora Still Air Box used for spore prints, agar culture, liquid culture, inoculate grain spawn, spawn to bulk, fruiting chamber

  • Bella Bora Still Air Box superior design elastic arm ports double side doors collapsible design

  • Bella Bora Still Air Box Exosphere armholes durable oxford fabric formfitting elastic cuffs three-layered protection

  • Specs

    • Volume: 359 qt

    • Dimensions: 3 x 2 x 2ft

    • Diagonal Dimension: 3.6ft

    • Packed Dimensions: 1.5 x 0.75 x 0.75ft

    • Weight: 6lbs

  • Atmospheric Shield

    The Bella Bora Still Air Box creates an enclosed space that blocks against the turbulent air around you.

    • Protects your nutrient-rich substrates from airborne contaminants.

    • Inoculate with peace-of-mind.

    • Grow healthy mushrooms with confidence.

  • Exosphere Armholes

    A three-layered cover design creates a true still air environment. Patent pending.

    • Elastic cuffs contour to your arm and closes the opening when not in use.

    • Full range of motion.

    • Freedom to chose your perfect-fitting gloves for maximum precision

  • Designed with You in Mind

    • 3 times larger than traditional SABs. Comfortably organize your work space.

    • Double side doors with wide zipper openings. Conveniently load your mushroom supplies in and out of the box.

    • Sturdy and collapsible frame. Takes 5 minutes to pack into a carrying case for convenient transport and saves space.