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Still Air Box V1 - Large


$ 65.99 USD

$ 149.99 USD






Volume: 359 qt

Dimensions: 3 x 2 x 2ft

Diagonal Dimension: 3.6ft

Packed Dimensions: 1.5 x 0.75 x 0.75ft

Weight: 6lbs

What you want to know

Start with premium materials - The Bella Bora Still Air Box U.S. Design Patent No. D975,310S & D983,991 is made with tested high-quality, durable materials. Scratch-resistant, waterproof, and bleach-safe for easy cleaning. High-visibility plastic and lightweight materials make it ideal for the home.

Atmospheric shield - Sealed biodome prevents airborne contaminants from entering your workspace. Increase your success rate for growing mushrooms and other sensitive hydroponics procedures. Quickly converts any space into a lab, ideal for inoculating agar petri dishes, spore syringes, liquid culture, and plant tissue culture.

Exosphere arm holes - One-size-fits-all elastic arm holes made from three layers of elastic fabric. Snug and secure seal. No attached gloves so you can use new clean gloves each time.

Superior visibility - Lets you make precise movements and lowers risks while handling sharp objects. Less squinting and more doing.

Quick access side doors - Zippered side doors with large opening provide easy access points. Simple to load your mushroom grow bags, sterilized grain, bulk substrates. Painless cleaning between uses.

Space-Saving Design - Keeps your home clutter-free! No-brainer choice for home scientists, mushroom growers, or hobbyists where space is an issue. Large work area fits many mushroom grow bags. Effortlessly collapsible for storage when you don’t need it. Includes compact carrying case to take your Bella Bora Still Air Box wherever you go.