Effective Date: October 26, 2022Introduction
Register your products within 14 days of purchase at www.bellabora.com//lifetime-warranty for a lifetime warranty.

Warranty Program
During the Warranty Period and subject to this Warranty Policy, we will, in our sole and exclusive discretion, either: Replace the product with a new product of the same modelRefund the purchase or Replace any defective material

Who is Covered?
This lifetime warranty extends only to the original purchaser of the product. It is not transferable to any subsequent owner of the product, regardless of whether the product transferred ownership during the specified term of the warranty.

Unauthorized Dealers or Sellers
This warranty does not extend to products purchased from unauthorized dealers or sellers. This lifetime warranty only extends to products purchased from Bella Bora Amazon store or bellabora.com. Please be aware, products purchased from an unauthorized website or dealer may be counterfeit, used, or defective.

What is Not Covered?
Normal wear and tear, including parts that might wear out over time. Product that has been modified from its original condition. Product that has not been used in accordance with directions in the instructions manual. Damages caused by additional equipment or accessories other than those recommended in the manual. Damages or defects caused by loss, theft, accident, abuse, misuse, or improper maintenance. Damages or defects caused by service or repair of the product performed by anyone other than us. Damages or defects occurring during commercial use, rental use, or any use for which the product is not intended.If the unit has been damaged, including but not limited to damage by animals, fire, natural disaster, or transportation.Incidental and consequential damages. Damages or defects exceeding the cost of the product. Product(s) that have been replaced.

Claiming Your Lifetime Warranty: Contact our Customer Support team via support@bellabora.com with your order number and a photo of the damaged item. Please do not throw away your product, as it may need to be returned to us to process the warranty claim.

We may change the terms and availability of this lifetime warranty at our discretion.This warranty is made by:Mycrun Tek, Inc.3225 McLeod Dr., STE 100, Las Vegas, NV 89121